Interested in Joining?


To become a member simply turn up on a 1st or 3rd Thursday, see how you feel about the group, participate in discussions and bring along any work in progress to read out (not necessarily on your first visit). We welcome people who contribute to feedback, who take feedback on their own work well, and go on to improve it.  

We LOVE all creative writing, both narrative (fiction and non-fiction) and poetry.

We are not so keen on technical/academic papers and diaries/blogs/journalism without a narrative flair. Though we are inexperienced with critiquing comics and graphic novels and writing for children younger than 8, you may bring some along if you feel there is a strong narrative to be critiqued on. We’ll soon let you know if we are unable to help with that particular piece.

We accept that people write the odd dud that ends up in the bin, we all do it, but we want your writing to get better, which is what the group is all about. So come along and hone your craft at a WGWG meeting.


We are not a writing course, or a place to learn the rudiments of speaking or writing English. Our aim is to encourage and promote unpublished writing by discussing and evaluating the work that is read out at the group. Members in the group can offer friendly advice about getting published and finding an agent, usually based on their own experiences, but the group has no formal avenues to make this happen for individuals. We are a community group not an industry one. Occasionally, we will disseminate information on literary events, competitions, etc.

If you don’t want to read out your work to the group at your first visit and just want to listen, we understand, but you will need to bring in something to share with us eventually!


The feedback and criticism must be constructive. This can be sometimes tough to hear but it is usually helpful.  Having your work criticised and criticising in turn is a constructive learning process. Sometimes it can take a lot of discussion to understand exactly what is going wrong with a piece of work, but it is worth while going through the process to find out. 

If you don’t give us your honest opinion on a piece of work you have heard, you are holding back and are not helping anyone. Remember, we are trying to improve work, hopefully for publication at some stage, and it is tough out there. Likewise autobiographical work, no matter how sensitive the material, will be judged as a piece of narrative writing. All members will abide by the code of conduct to ensure the critiquing space is a mature and professional environment that supports and encourages other members.

Occasionally, someone’s work will be controversial, but this workshop is not the place for political or religious debate.  We are looking at the writing and discussing that, not the writer or their opinions, save those debates for the pub afterwards.

Please email us at if you have any questions.


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